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Insurance Claims

In need of advice on roof replacement insurance claims? Look no further! Our experts at The Roofing People are well-versed in guiding policyholders through the complex landscape of insurance claims. With our comprehensive understanding of insurance intricacies and rich experience in representing homeowners, we’re here to ensure you benefit maximally from your insurance claim. Our focus is on simplifying the process and securing you the best possible coverage for your roof replacement needs.


Preparing for an insurance claim on roof replacements involves understanding the current condition of your home. Our qualified representatives at The Roofing People offer a thorough pre-inspection of your property. We meticulously document the state of your roof. This results in a detailed property report that becomes an invaluable tool throughout your insurance claims process.

Insurance Process:

Following the pre-inspection and the acquisition of your property report, we assist you in filing your roof replacement insurance claim. Our experts guide you through the necessary steps, and ensure all required documentation is comprehensively prepared. This ensures an efficient claim process and improves your chances of a favorable settlement.

Communication with Insurance

As part of the process, we recommend informing your insurance company that The Roofing People is your chosen contractor for the roof replacement. This facilitates effective coordination with the insurance company and allows us to partake in any claim-related discussions. Moreover, if your home is currently uninhabitable due to roof damage, we can perform temporary fixes to secure your property.

Insurance Representative:

During your roof replacement insurance claim process, the insurance company sends an adjuster to evaluate the damages and estimate the replacement cost. Our team at The Roofing People strongly believes in being present during this critical inspection. Our presence allows us to highlight any overlooked damages and ensure that your insurer has a comprehensive understanding of the required repairs.

Construction Process: 

Upon approval of your roof replacement insurance claim, we commence the construction process. Our dedicated team aligns our services with the approved budget from your insurance company, ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience. Our professionals employ industry-standard practices and high-quality materials, striving to deliver a roof replacement that surpasses your expectations.

Maximize Your Insurance Claim:

Our mission at The Roofing People is to maximize your roof replacement insurance claim. We strive to secure you full coverage, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses wherever possible. Trust us to navigate the intricate insurance claim procedures, advocating for your interests every step of the way. Rely on us for a seamless insurance claim experience and a top-tier roof replacement.

Why Us?:

When it comes to roof replacement insurance claims, The Roofing People are your trusted allies. Let us take the reins and guide you towards a successful claim process and optimal coverage. Get in touch with us today at (505) 312-7192 or click here to schedule a consultation and embark on a successful journey towards your roof replacement.

Paul Jones
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Easy and quick roof replacement after a storm. Justin the sales rep was very helpful and worked with our insurance to get just what we needed. I would recommend them.
Aaron & Janice Osborne
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Justin was a referral and for good reason! He was very easy to work with, had an easy going demeanor but was professional and stayed on top of everything. We have done quite a few projects on our home and Justin was by far the best contractor to work with. He made everything easier, answered all of our questions, and quite frankly went above and beyond any contractor we have ever worked with. A roof is just a roof but when you work with someone who cares, makes sure the job is done right and even calls just to make sure we are happy with the makes a huge difference! We would HIGHLY recommend working with Justin and his team!
Karen Stallings
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Justin and Kyler were most attentive and walked us through every step from filing the insurance claim to final inspection of the finished job. They went over and above expectations to keep us informed. The roofing crew was courteous, efficient and friendly. They completely cleaned up the work site on all sides of the house. Because of the extra miles Justin and Kyler went, what would ordinarily be very disruptive, was easy. The following pictures show the high quality of the workmanship. Thanks to the whole crew.